Since 2016 we’ve offered organizations a suite of optical services for their employees.

All employees of our Corporate Partners receive an automatic €30 discount off their first set of frames. Then employers can choose from any of the following services – all FREE and at your convenience:


  • Workplace eye testing service – Full eye examinations in your place of work, at no cost, with all admin & bookings managed.
  • Exclusive in-store eye testing days – We’ll dedicate our optical diaries in our stores to your team.
  • Discounted VDU frames – If you need to supply computer glasses to your team, speak to us for a significant discount.
  • Safety eye glasses – We’re experts at testing, fitting and recommending safety frames to all industries.
  • Eye health seminars – Let our team of optical experts help your team to keep their eyes healthy.
  • Professional drivers expertise – We offer an expert service and discount to those who drive for a living.

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Full comprehensive eye tests for employees

Free, optional and only takes 30 minutes

Crowleys will manage all admin and post test consultations

Money off your first pair of frames for corporate partners

Full test

We’ll bring all the equipment onsite the morning of our first test. We’ll work with you to identify rooms that will work best for this service, and we’ll be set up and ready to go 45 minutes before your first colleague’s appointment.

The equipment we’ll bring will allow our optician to conduct a FULL eye exam – not just a screening. A screening will only tell the customer whether they need a test or not, whereas our testing will give our customer a full review of their eye condition and health. Following their exam, each customer will then discuss their options with one of our Dispensing Opticians.

Free for customers and organisations

This workplace test won’t cost your team members anything, and we don’t charge businesses to bring us onsite either. In most cases we are able to claim the cost of an eye exam off a customers PRSI benefits to cover our costs. Where we can’t claim, we are happy to waive the testing fee. We feel the opportunity to meet potentially life-long customers is more important.

Zero admin and no hassle

We’ll manage all bookings for you through our online booking system. All you’ll need to do is to share the link with your colleagues and let them book slots at times that suit them. We’ll custom build a booking form for your organization once we’ve agreed the dates we’ll come to your site.

Our aim is to be as low maintenance as possible. One of our team will visit your workplace before our first day onsite to discuss logistics and how the day will work. We’ll then arrive early on our first testing day and set up our mobile testing unit with as little disruption as possible. We are very conscious of how busy many organizations are, and our ambition is to not add to anyone’s workload!


If you are interested in bringing any of our corporate services to your team, or you want to get our corporate discount, email [email protected] or call Paul on 021 427 1351.


We’ve brought workplace eye testing to a wide range of businesses around Ireland

To date, we’ve tested thousands of people in their workplaces. It’s optional for employees and can be run as part of a health and wellbeing agenda, or as an additional staff benefit that you’re providing to your staff.


With remote working and working-from-home a part of many working lives, bringing health and wellness initiatives to your team is harder than ever.

Added to that, people are working in home environments that are not optimized for their well-being, and eye strain due to low light or poor setups is increasingly an issue.

We offer exclusive in store eye examination days for teams big and small. You’ll be able to bring your team to our stores to have their eye health taken care of. 

It’s at your convenience – we’ll manage all admin and bookings for you ahead of your agreed dates. As our corporate partners, your employees will receive a free full eye exam and our corporate discount.

VDU (Computer Glasses) DISCOUNT

We offer a competitive VDU (or computer glasses) service. Employers can save up to €100 on a pair of specialist frames (which include “Blue Control” filters) which will greatly reduce a staff member’s eye strain caused by computer screens. 

If you have professionals who’s eyesight is essential to their jobs, or if you want to contribute as an employer to your teams eye care, we can offer you a great, easy-to-manage service which offers your team a wide range of lenses for a considerable discount.

Most importantly; Blue control lenses come as standard with this service. Blue control is a filter built into optical lenses to neutralize the blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens, digital devices, fluorescent and LED lights. The filter helps prevent eye fatigue and eye strain.


We’ve been providing safety glasses through third party providers for over 40 years so we are the experts when it comes to your safety eye-wear needs.

We provide safety glass prescriptions to pharmaceutical, logistics, construction, engineering, chemical and many other industries.

We also provide optical support to professional drivers and can come to your business to manage your driving staff’s optical requirements.

Everything was effortless

Our employees were delighted with the service.The whole process was so professional, from the online booking platform to setting up on site, everything was effortless. The team were excellent and able to put our employees at ease

5 Star Hotel Customer

All of my staff were thrilled!

Crowleys promised to make this seamless for my staff and they were true to their word. They organized everything in advance, made it super simple for me to manage with my staff, and then provided a great service when they came on site for 3 days. All of my staff were thrilled. We’ve already arranged to have them back soon. A great health and wellbeing benefit!

Public Sector Organisation


If you are interested in our workplace eye testing service or you want to your organization to become our corporate partner, email [email protected] or call Paul on 021 427 1351.


We’ve brought workplace eye testing to a wide range of businesses around Ireland


If you are interested in any of the services listed above or you want to your organization to become our corporate partner, email [email protected] or call Paul on 021 427 1351.