Our expert eye-care services

Comprehensive eye exams

We feel there are two very important elements to a top quality eye exam; time and experience.

Our Optometrists (Opticians) boast an average of 22 years experience each in taking care of patients eye health. They are truly experts, and passionate about providing a service second to none.

Secondly, when you visit us you’ll be given the time you need to ensure you have a satisfactory eye exam. We’re here for you if you have questions and you won’t be rushed.

We believe that expert eye care can’t be rushed. Our eyes are extremely complicated and one size rarely fits all. We encourage you to take the time to ask our experts questions about their daily visual needs. The more information we have, the better we can provide optical solutions for you.

Complete Optical Services

You’ll be treated to a first-class eye exam, using the latest technology.

You’ll meet our highly-trained dispensing staff who can speak to you about frames, fit, lenses and all the other elements that will ensure you leave us with an eye care solution tailored to you.

Some of our other optical services include:

  • Dry eye clinics
  • Myopia management
  • Eye care for children
  • Contact lenses
  • Visual stress clinics
  • Visual processing
  • Driving eyesight reports, including Group 2
  • Workplace testing for organizations

Dedicated Children's Areas

At Crowleys, we pride ourselves on our expertise in working with our youngest customers. This is why we’ve developed a kids area for each of our stores. These areas are designed to relax kids and make them feel welcome, while mum and dad have important conversations with our experts.

When focusing on children’s eye health, we work hard to keep everyone calm and focused. Intervention at a young age can be crucial to identifying or correcting any issues your child may have.

We’ve also opened Ireland’s first optical sensory room in our Newbridge store for children and adults with sensory issues. This is an area of eye health that is often overlooked, and our ongoing investment in these facilities is an example of our dedication to ALL children’s eye care.

Over the course of our long history as an opticians, we’ve almost seen everything! Here’s some common questions we get asked, and some general answers. Just be aware that nothing is as good as a one to one consultation. Cases and symptoms vary, so if in doubt, call us or book an appointment.




What makes you different from other opticians?

We think that two very important things set us apart from many other experiences you may have; time and experience.

We believe that an eye exam is a vital health service that everyone should take as seriously as a trip to the doctors. Your vision is vital. Therefore, an eye exam shouldn’t be rushed. We’ll go at a pace that suits you to ensure you get the best possible advice and outcomes. We’ll answer your questions and make you feel at home.

Secondly, our long history as eye care specialists means that we can bring our experience to any consultation we provide. Our Optometrists (Opticians) boast an average of 22 years each in taking care of patients needs. Your eye health is important and should be entrusted to the best, most experience eye care professionals.

What does a typical visit look like?

First of all, you’ll call, email or book online to book your appointment. Once you arrive before your appointment time, you’ll meet with one of our dispensing opticians. They’ll speak to you about previous visits, or any eye health issues you have previously experienced. Then you’ll meet with one of our optometrists who will conduct the full eye exam. They we carry out a number of exams over 30 minutes that will give a full picture of your eye health and your optical prescription.

Once you’ve finished your test, the optometrist will discuss recommendations with you, before bringing you out to speak to our dispensing optician (DO). The DO will speak to you about the results of your eye exam, and will discuss any solutions or recommendations. They’ll also talk to you about lenses, tints and frames (including frames that would fit your prescription) to ensure you have options for the best of eye care.

We’ll arrange a follow up appointment if needed, and will be available to you for any post appointment questions you may have, either over the phone, via email or in person.

What PRSI or social welfare entitlements do I have?

This will depend on your own personal PRSI entitlements and circumstance, however our staff will advise you on what discounts or benefits you are entitled to. You can find out more about the Treatment Benefit Scheme on Gov.ieor on the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I have an eye emergency, can I contact you?

We are happy to speak to you if you have an eye health emergency. Call our stores and we will advise you as best we can.




Patient, Helpful & Kind

My 6 month old son just received his new glasses in your Newbridge store in Kildare. They made his new transition so easy and they were so patient, helpful and kind. I cannot praise them enough. Thank you.

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Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this service – very friendly, professional, and accommodating. Thank you for answering all of my questions today!

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Very Professional

After years of being a customer to one of the bigger chains I decided to try Crowleys instead. So glad I did! Very professional. Most importantly the eye exam was very thorough and not rushed. Highly recommended!

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Superb Opticians

Superb opticians with a growing range of modern frames to rival anything I’ve seen abroad. Was able to replace my Moscots there recently. Very much worth a look!

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